The Srilankan Economic Crisis

The Srilankan Crisis

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The economic situation in Sri Lanka has become the worst since their independence in 1948. Due to high imports and low exports after the civil war the country has always had little foreign currency reserves and heavily depended on its tourism sector to provide for the same.

The Political Crisis

The political crisis between the parliament and the president things got out of hand. This has made Sri Lanka become the first country since the 1970s to stop selling petrol to its citizens and petrol supply was limited to just public transportation.

The Reasons of the Fallout

Failing to address forecasts

When the new government came to power in 2015, they were informed by Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka that the country was going on into an economic crisis.

This was mainly due to the then coalition government that couldn’t move a significant bill in the parliament. The government didn’t focus on the economic situation at that time and instead dealt with political issues like constitutional reforms.

Freebies during election

The ruling governments in the country always used freebies to gain political advantages even when the country was in economically weak situation. These continued heavily after the civil war to integrate the linguistic minorities and gain political advantage.

Reversal of policies

During the year 2018,steps were made to control the economic situation and keep the stability of the economy. This was done under the guidance of the IMF and included policies like automatic fuel pricing, increase VAT rates etc. But these policies however were not widely accepted.

Thus after the election in 2019 the new government reverted on many of these policies.

Foreign Debt Defaults

Srilanka’s external debt is at 119% of its GDP (a figure that was at 42% in 2019.)

The country is due to pay $4 Billion by 2022 with the Srilankan Government only having a reserve of $2.3 Billion. The country has essentially fallen into a debt trap mainly due to its high borrowings from China creating many unutilized projects.

Decreased tourism

The country’s tourism sector represented over one-tenth of the GDP of Sri Lanka.

The sector was negatively affected by the 2019 Easter bombings, and the COVID-19 pandemic prevented recovery.

The Total Tourists arrival fell from 2.17 million to 0.54 million

Tourism earned Sri Lanka $4.4 billion and contributed 5.6% to GDP in 2018, but this dropped to just 0.8% in 2020.

According to the World Bank in April 2021, “Despite the heavy toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on Sri Lanka’s economy and the lives of its people, the economy will recover in 2021, though challenges remain.”

Russia Ukraine War

Russia is one of the biggest export partners of Sri Lanka and the countries tourism industry was also heavily reliant on Russian tourist.

Due to the war both the exports and arrivals from Russia decreased thus putting a halt to the economic recovery.

These factors have resulted in the countries current economic situation and it has led to increased fuel prices, electric shut downs, protests, diplomatic pressure from countries. The nation has also defaulted on its debts and is currently facing deep recession.

There are currently steps being taken by the government and international agencies to help the economy recover. As of now the economic restrictions continue to be in place.

How long will these restrictions continue?

Only Time will tell.

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The Effects Of French Revolution

The French Revolution is considered to be one of the greatest Revolutions in history. Some of the effects of French Revolution is still widespread today.

Some of the most relevant after effects of The French Revolution are-

1.Spread Of Liberalism

2.Rise of Modern Nationalism

3.Rise of thoughts such as Liberty and Equality

4.Inspiration to many Famous Revolution’s

5.Drastic Changes in the Rights of People

6.Birth Of Ideologies.

The Rise Of The French Revolution

The morning of 14 July 1789 was Bleak in the city of Paris.

Rumors were being spread that the king ordered his troops to open up fire on the citizens.

 Soon a group of some 7000 men and women marched and stormed the fortress prison, The Bastille, where they went for ammunitions. The commander of Bastille was killed and the Prisoners were released even though only 7 were jailed.

Why did the citizens of France turn up against the King? Why violence flared on the city of Paris?

The French Revolution wasn’t an overnight uprising but rather like a pressure cooker pressurized for so long that it finally burst out loud and fierce enough to change the face of Europe forever!

And the effects on the French revolution is still widespread!

The Death Of The King

At age 21 Louis XVI became the King of France upon the death of his grandfather Louis XV on 10 may 1774.

Louis XVI was often noted to be shy, conventional and unimaginative.

He was too young to be on the throne and the French Citizens were already angry due to the fact that France was already on a Huge debt after their war with Britain.

His wife Marie Antoinette lived in a posh and lavish life even getting criticisms for her hairstyles, wearing expensive pus 

(At one time it was said that Marie Antoinette was said to have a different hairstyle everyday designed by her hairdresser)

This lifestyle was all when 80 percent of the Population lived in Poverty.

Meanwhile the citizens were spreading rumors about the king not having the ability to conceive a child.

Some historians suggest that King Louis XVI suffered from Phimosis , An uncomfortable medical condition in which it is difficult/Impossible for a man’s foreskins to retract .

While some say it is a complete lie. Anyways he was ridiculed by the citizens for his inability to conceive a child.

The Problems faced by the Citizens of France

The Problems faced by the Citizens of France (which eventually led to the French Revolution) were plenty.However the major reasons for the outburst of the French Revolution can be brought down to six reasons.

The Six Major Causes Of The French Revolution

Although French Revolution was a result of many reasons in a short time period, Here are the six major causes of French revolution-

  • Ineffective leadership of King Louis XVI

Louis XVI became the King of France upon the death of his grandfather at a very young age of 21.He was already incompetent enough to lead France in normal conditions, let alone during the turmoil which lea to the French Revolution.

Let them Eat Cake!

His wife Marie Antoinette as mentioned above lived a lavish life and was also infamous for the remark “Let Them Eat Cake!”   (Translation of the French phrase “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”)  upon being told that the peasants had no bread.This remark showed the apathy the monarchy had over the poor people in France.

  • The period of enlightenment

The Enlightenment period was one of the major contributors to the French revolution.

The Enlightenment was simply an intellectual movement that challenged the old ways of thinking and inspired the revolutionary ideas among the common people.

Immanuel Kant in his essay ‘What Is Enlightenment?’ written in 1784 summarized the era in the following words – ‘Dare to know! Have courage to use your own reason!’

The ideas of philosophy was so common that the ordinary people began regularly talking about it on coffee shop and salons.

The ideas were also spread across via newspapers and books.

  • The Huge Financial Crisis

King Louis XVI when he descended on the throne found an akmost empty treasury. Long years of  had already drained a lot of money.

Adding to it the cost of maintaining an immense palace and luxurious lifestyle o the monarchy further depleted the treasury.

Louis XVI also helped the 13 American colonies to gain independence, which furthered the debt.

The war added more than 1 billion livres in expense and the total debt had already risen to 2 billion livres and the lenders began charging extra interest on the loans lent which further added more fuel to the already burning treasury!

This forced King Louis XVI to to increase taxes.

  • The Food Scarcity

The Population of France was about 23 million in 1715.

By 1789 it had an exponential growth to 28 million. This necessitated the demand for foodgrains ,But the production of grains could not keep up the growing population.

The wages of the workers were not increased. But the prices of food grains increased exponentially.

Thus the poor could not afford grains, This also increased the gap between the rich and poor in a very significant manner.

The bad harvest + Increasing Population + Low wages deteriorated the condition of the poor citizens in France.

  • The Drastic Weathers

In 1784 Europe was hit by severe winters and summers which included extreme droughts that caused poor harvests which ultimately lead to famine.

In 1787 and 1788 France was hit by another series of winters which lead to a huge fall in food production.

  • Social Inequality and the division of estates

 France under the Ancient Regime (before the French Revolution) ,The society was divided  into three estates- 

The First Estate (clergy) 

The Second Estate (nobility) 

Third Estate (commoners) 

The king was not considered part of any estate. 

One Crucial difference between the estates of the Ancient Regime was the burden of taxation.  

The nobles and the clergy were largely excluded from taxation while the commoners(who were also the majority) paid high direct taxes, which were burdensome to them.  All these major reasons along with many others cause the lid to break and cause the French Revolution.

As said earlier, The French revolution had too much pace in a less period of Time. Hence it is best to understand the French Revolution with the help of a timeline. 

Important Dates in French Revolution

 1. 4 May 1789 The Estates General is summoned by King Louis XVI to propose solutions to France’s Financial Problems, Later The members of the 3rd Estate finds they are treated unequally by burdening them with taxes. 

2. 14th June 1789 King Louis XVI asks the Government to approve a rise in Taxes. 

3.17 June 1789 A revolutionary national assembly is formed by the 3rd estate to fight for their rights and against the inequalities. 

4.14th July 1789 Rumors spread that the king had ordered his troops to shut down the National Assembly. 

5.5 October 1789 7000 woman March Down to protest about the hike in the prices of bread, which became a common staple diet for many people in the 3rd estate. 

6.25 June 1791 King Louis XVI and the queen Marie Antoinette attempts to flee France. 

7.1792 to 1801-France war with Austria and other countries 

8.The Year 1793 The Reign of Terror

9.The Year 1804 Napoleon becomes The Emperor of France. 

Women and the French revolution

Some effects of the French Revolution was the active role played by women.

Majority of the woman from the 3rd estate had to work (mostly as laundresses, selling flowers, work as servants, sell vegetables and fruits)to supplement the family earnings.

Most of them were uneducated, Only daughters of noble estate or wealthy third estates family had the luxury to teach the woman in their families. 

About sixty woman clubs sprung up in different French cities at the time of the revolution.

Two of the most famous women clubs were Republican Women and The society of Revolutionary.

Some of their demands were that woman enjoy the same political rights as men.(They were angry about the fact that they were reduced to as passive citizens by the constitution of 1791).

 However they played a major part in the French revolution.(and the right to vote was only enabled to them in they year 1946)  

The Reign Of Terror

Maximillian Robespierre was one of the major spearheads heading the French revolution.

He believed in the concepts of equal rights and believed in the system of “Government by the people”.

But he practiced the exact opposite of what he preached by killing tens of thousands mercilessly calling them “The enemies of the revolution”. 

After the death of the king in 1793,The national assembly was formed. 

They believed that France was full of spies sent by the foreign powers who wanted to bring back the system of monarchy. Thus the Jacobians began to execute anyone who suspected of working against them.

Around 40,000 people were killed in Paris alone during this period. This period of merciless killings ended when Robespierre was sent to the Guillotine. The Guillotine

The Guillotine

The Guillotine was used during the French revolution to execute people as quickly as possible. The Guillotine also had another name “The National Razor” and was used to execute up to 20 people on an average everyday.  

The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte

The early years of 1804,Napolean Bonaparte crowned himself as the Emperor of France.

He was seen as a liberator who would bring peace and freedom to the people. 

But soon him and his army were seen everywhere as an invading force. He was finally brought into his knees in the Battle of Waterloo in the year 1815.(The entire set of events are too long and would require another independent article dedicated to it) 


 The French revolution is indeed one of the greatest revolutions to have happened. The ideas ranging from Democratic system to Liberalism is the prime example that the French revolution still has a part in the modern society. The effects of the French revolution still lingers on everywhere


Was Hitler A Vegetarian

Rare Adolf Hitler propaganda pictures found which show the evil dictator  posing with kids and baby deer in a bizarre attempt to make him look  friendly
Hitler tending a fawn

Propaganda or a Fact?

Adolf Hitler once said “One thing I can predict to eaters of meat: the world of the future will be vegetarian.”

Hitler was a vegetarian because of his concern for animal suffering, noting that he was often distressed by images of animal cruelty and sufferings.

In 1942, Hitler said, “The only thing of which I shall be incapable is to share the sheiks’ mutton with them. I’m a vegetarian, and they must spare me from their meat.”

Hitler’s close Aide Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels recorded the following in his diary-

An extended chapter of our talk was devoted by the Fuhrer to the vegetarian question.

 He believes more than ever that meat-eating is harmful to humanity. Of course he knows that during the war we cannot completely upset our food system. After the war, however, he intends to tackle this problem also.

An excrept from Joseph Goebbels diary

Maybe he is right. Certainly the arguments that he adduces in favor of his standpoint are very compelling.

The Conversations

The conversations between Adolf Hitler and his inner circle which took place between July 1941 and November 1944, Hitler often talked about himself as a vegetarian.

hitler vegetarian
Adolf Hitler with his dog Blondi

Hitler banning Vegetarian Societies

Most people have often questioned Hitler’s commitment to the vegetarian cause because the Nazi’s banned vegetarian societies and the persecution of their leaders

But the Nazi ban on Non-Nazi Organizations was so widespread that anything which is non-Nazi was simply banned.

The Book ‘In The Mind Of Adolf Hitler’ by psychologist Walter C. Langer, the author quotes:

“If he (Hitler) does not eat meat, drink alcoholic beverages, or smoke, it is not due to the fact that he has some kind of inhibition or does it because he believes it will improve his health.”

The Book ‘In The Mind Of Adolf Hitler’

“He abstains from these because he is following the example of the great German, Richard Wagner, or because he has discovered that it increases his energy and endurance to such a degree that he can give much more of himself to the creation of the new German Reich.”

The Book ‘In The Mind Of Adolf Hitler’

According to one of the quotes by Hitler’s food tester Wölk , Hitler deliberately avoided meat and his meal was was of vegetables, rice, pasta, noodles and exotic fruits, which were a real real rarity at the time. [BBC]

Atoning the death

The psychoanalyst Erich Fromm speculated that Hitler’s vegetarianism was actually a means for him to atone the death of his half-niece Geli Raubal.

It was a also a way to prove to others that he was simply incapable of killing.

Hitler the Antivivisectionist

Commercial animal trapping was banned and imposed severe restrictions were imposed on hunting .

There even was a prohibition on boiling of lobsters and crabs.

In one incident, A fisherman was sent to a concentration camp for cutting up a bait frog.

Evidences suggest that Hitler was also an Antivivisectionist 

(An Antivivisectionist is the one who opposes the practice of performing operations on live animals for the purpose of experimentation or scientific research).

It is said that At social events, he sometimes gave graphic accounts of the slaughter of animals in an effort to make his dinner guests give up eating meat.

The health condition of Hitler

There could be another reason to why Hitler became a Vegetarian- Due to his poor health conditions. Mostly his doctors would have advised him to become a vegetarian.


There is a wide array of evidences which prove Hitler was a strict vegetarian throughout until his death in 1945.

But does him becoming a vegetarian and caring for animals make him any less cruel?


The Auschwitz camp where millions perished
Russia and Ukraine War

The Falling Russian Economy

“War… is as much a punishment to the punisher as to the sufferer.”

Thomas Jefferson

I still remember the 2018 FIFA World cup held in Russia. All those grand splendor added more than $14 billion dollars to Russia’s economy wherein the major sponsors were top tier companies and enterprises from all around the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin touches the World Cup trophy as FIFA President Gianni Infantino stands beside him, at the end of the final match between France and Croatia at the 2018 soccer World Cup in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia, Sunday, July 15, 2018. France won 4-2. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)
FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 2018 FIFA world cup

Fast forward 4 years later in 2022,The situation of Russian people looks bleak. FIFA and UEFA have banned Russian National teams and clubs from participating in any of heir footballing events.

But there are even more troubles for Russian citizens now.

The Cost Of War

It is estimated that Russia incurred a cost of $7 billion for the first 100 hours of war against Ukraine. Moreover as the war moves on to the next day, It is estimated that the expenses for Russia will go up to $20 billion a day!

The Closing Airspace

More than 30 countries have closed their airspace for Russian airplanes, leaving the Russian tourists stranded with no way to go home. The biggest Airplane manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing have halted the supply of aircraft parts to Russian airlines.

Automobile Industry

According to experts the global car production would be at least a million units less and this crisis would worsen rising inflation and propel already record-high vehicle prices even higher.

Luxurious car companies like BMW, Audi, Jaguar and other prominent car manufactures like Honda and Toyota have suspended their operations in Russia over Ukraine crisis. They also have stopped the importing of their cars.

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment companies such as Netflix have released a statement stating that new member subscriptions have been stopped in Russia. Tik Tok has also banned Russians from posting any contents in the platform.

Smartphone manufactures such as Samsung and Apple has stopped the sale of their devices throughout Russia.

The Financial Block

VISA and Mastercard have stopped their services in Russia. At present 74 percent of all payment transactions in Russia are through VISA and Mastercard

Economic Sanctions

In simple words sanctions are penalties imposed on a nation by a group of nations done with an aim to financially weaken a country. Financial sanctions can range from seizing of assets to freezing the foreign exchange reserves.

Overall, the US bank expects the economic impact of sanctions on Russia’s economy to be on par with the financial weakening the country experienced during the financial crisis in 2008 or the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ruble turning into ‘Rubbles’

Year1 USD ($)1 Russian Ruble (₽)
2022 (before the war)175.6
2022 (present)1125.50

The Economic sanctions by the USA and European countries have made the Russian ruble to deteriorate value so fast, that within a span of a month the ruble has doubled its loss of value.

As the famous quote which goes on like “The more money you spend on guns, the less money you spend on people! More weapons, less happiness; more guns, more misery!”

The only thing the war has produced is the degrowth of the financial system in Russia. This all is done with the aim to make Vladimir Putin stop this war for good. Will he?

Only time will tell.

Read about Hitler and his dog Blondi




Lost On History

humankind book review sapiens a brief history of humankind quotes sapiens a brief history of humankind summary Sapiens Book Summary sapiens criticism


Sapiens is one of the best book I have ever read and I seriously think there won’t be any other book which would keep me hooked as sapiens did.

The book Sapiens is a Treasure trove of knowledge and attempting to summarize the book in one single post is a tedious task.

About The Author

Before diving into the summary let’s first look about the magical hands who wrote this book Yuval Noah Harari.

Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli  historian and a professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also the author of the popular science bestsellers Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

Outline of the Book

The simple Outline of the book Sapiens is simply this-

Atleast 6 humans  inhabited the earth. Yet Sapiens only survived. Humans were also at the middle of the food chain years back. Soon it reached the top. How did humans really reach at the top of the chain? and How Humans used thoughts and actions in power to be the most powerful animal on earth?. The Book also talks about the future of humans and about what’s in store for us humans in the future.


An animal of no significance

About 13.5 billion years ago matter energy and time came into existence and about 70,000 years ago Homo sapiens began to start out complex structures. Homo sapiens in its definition means “wise man”.

While we used to think that we were the only human species, archeology proved us wrong by discovering various species of humans such as homo erectus which lived for 2 million years on this planet making it the most durable human species.

Yuval Noah Harari points out that Homo sapiens won’t survive for another 1000 years let alone a million.

The 3 major revolutions

There has been 3 major revolutions which shaped us human beings.

1.Cognitive revolution

2.Scientific revolution 

3.Agriculture revolution

While most of us think that different human species lived on different timelines is totally absurd as many human species existed simultaneously in this planet at one point of time.

Complexity Of The Human Brain

Yuval Noah Harari details us about the complexity of the brain showing that it accounts for 3 percent of the body size but still used 25 percent of the energy intake.

All the animals in the top of the food chain made it up to the top only after millions of years in a gradual and slow manner, But Homo sapiens reached that place in a rapid pace.

Humans were actually in the middle of the food chain until about 400,000 years ago and they reached the at the top of the food chain just before 100000 years.

The Discovery of Fire

The discovery of fire by the sapiens increased the pace of us ruling the food chain, Humans used it at start for warming themselves and cooking food and slowly they used it to burn entire forests down after they started knowing the true power of fire.

The advent of fire also caused humans to evolve and have smaller intestinal track and larger brains.

The Two Theories on How Other Humans Evolved

There are two theories on how Homo sapiens evolved. They are-

1.Interbreeding theory

2.Replacement theory

Interbreeding theory

The interbreeding theory tells us about how sapiens mingled and had sexual with other human species such as Neanderthals. The Neanderthals were large and muscular when compared to sapiens and sapiens merged with them when they spread out to the lands of Neanderthals.

If that’s the case most of the people in this world are not pure sapiens but a combination of the above two.

The Replacement Theory

It is altogether a different story which is more bloodier and genocidal, The sapiens might have found Neanderthals to be annoying and they were genetically different and hence could no mate. If this is the case all humans are indeed pure sapiens

If replacement theory is true it is well the first ever human genocide on earth.

Yuval Noah Harari quotes: “They were too familiar to ignore, but too different to tolerate.”

And the last human species other than us got extinct 12000 years ago.

Why Humans rule this planet?

Why do humans rule the planet instead of any other animal?

Humans were able to rule this planet because of their unique ability to communicate with a well defined language.

The most accepted theory is that accidental genetic mutations caused sapiens brains enable to think in unique ways which no other animal could.

The Power of Myths

The cognitive revolution occurred between 70000 to 300000 years ago.

While all other animals too had a language it wasn’t as sophisticated and well defined as sapiens language and sapiens are the only living things which can talk about things we have never seen heard or smelled.

The Myths, Legend and Religion are all the ideas of humans. No other animals have the concept of the above three.

Gossip theory is one of the important Element which evolved the language.

The Power of Unity

Humans could collaborate in very large numbers For example- Chimps can’t form groups more than 50 even humans can’t usually go up to 150, yet humans were able to collaborate due to common beliefs and myths.

Hence to summarize after cognitive revolution humans began to have dual realities – physical reality and imagined reality.

And humans myths were not genetically based hence humans could replace all the myths and adopt to it easily and they didn’t have to wait for years to evolve to a change!

We humans have the same physical, mental and intellect capacity as we had about 30,000 years ago and the evolution of psychology happened even before the agriculture revolution at about 10,000 years ago.

The Gorge Theory

The instinct to binge eat sweet foods is an example that we haven’t changed even after 1000’s of yearsA typical forager would gorge the ripe and sweet fruits and eat them as much as they can because they know that to find such foods are rare ,hence they gorge the food whenever rarely they find them. This instinct is still wired with us that’s why we binge eat junk foods and sweets.

But One thing is different. Ancient people had a very low private life and also very little loneliness compared to today ,where we are the opposite.

Individual Human Vs. Collective Humans

As an individual we are less skillful than an ancient forager. But as a human collective we are very far powerful and advanced than the ancient humans as a whole.

The dog is said to have been domesticated about 15000 years ago. since then it has been the most favored companion for most humans.

The Travel to Australia made humans at the top in food chain.

Yuval Noah Harari says that humans traveling across the sea and landing in Australia was one of the most important expeditions of human history.

It made the humans at the top of the food chain.

Large animals such as diprotodon which flourished in Australia earlier got extinct in years due to human activities. Most of the unique flora and fauna were completely eradicated by the humans and when humans learned to start a fire, they burned the entire forests at times as it was easier for them to get dead animals for food.

The humans then spread to America then to Mexico and South America, it was so rapid and finally humans controlled the land the settled in and they became the only species to have invaded large amounts of land in such a short span of time.

AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION -The Biggest Fraud in History?

Yuval Noah Harris call the agriculture revolution as history biggest fraud in history.

Yes it allowed humans to settle in one place and population increased manifold. Humans were also able to collect more food. But this in fact was done by sacrificing some things such as leisure time and created more hard work.

The agriculture revolution was actually a suffering for a human at an individual level.

Not only humans but also cows sheep’s and chicken suffered due to agriculture revolution.All these animals population had a population boom.At an evolutionary level Agricultural Revolution was a success, But at an individual level it was simply suffering.

Agriculture also made humans in contact with animals this in turn resulted in various epidemics causing deaths in thousands.

Hence agriculture revolution was a fraud.

The Ability to Write

The myths that surround us are the ones that dictate our lives, Like the Egyptians building pyramids and the American Declaration of Independence 

Writing changed the way we think, it literally changed our thoughts and the most prevailing language is numbers.

Yuval Noah Harari points out that unjust discrimination often gets worse and not better with time as of 2006 there will still 53 countries where a husband cannot be brought before law for raping his wife.


There are 3 unifiers which united us Humans in unprecedented ways, The 3 Major Unifiers of Humankind are-




The Power Of Money

Another example of myth is Money. the value of it only exists in our minds. In a physical reality a money is just a paper which is literally of no use. But all of our minds believe in the value of that paper, That is why money is powerful.

The Contribution of Empires

Empires often have a negative shade on them, but they also have contributed things such as music, arts and the idea of governance and the world is fast turning into one single empire .For example- Global warming and commonly accepted principles such as human rights have an touch which is beyond national boundaries.


Religion is the third great unifier after money and empires and it sprout out during the time of agriculture revolution. The dilemma with a monotheistic religion is that it has to deal with an omnipotent god even when there is evil in the world.

 How can there be evil if god is good and caring?

Even there are new religions such a communism and capitalism. Like normal religions they have a holy book (example- the communist manifesto), a god (Karl Marx) who teaches the principle of  each according to his ability.

The Difference Between Science and Religion

 One difference between religion and science is that science is more humble and accepts the fact that humankind has still a long way to go and is ignorant of many things. 
Religion, however, assumes that all the things are well known and are written on the religious text.
 The religion assumes that humans are “all-knowing” whereas science assumes “ignorance”.

The Rise Of Modern Capitalism

The Per-Capita production has stayed constant for most of human history. However, since the birth of capitalism, per capita production has risen dramatically.

Creation Of Credit

The creation of credit facility is the fundamental reason why modern capitalism skyrocketed.Credit allows us to borrow money because we human collectively think that the future will be much better than the present.

Adam smith in his book “wealth of nations” suggest that increasing private profit will lead to the collective growth and prosperity of mankind as a whole.

In simple terms when you become rich, you benefit yourself and everyone. But this process happens only when you reinvest the profits. Saving the money and hoarding it will not create this cycle of prosperity.
So in order for Capitalism to work, The Profits received by a person should be invested in a new production.

Most Peaceful Times

The thing is we live in the most peaceful of times. There is no major war anywhere, More people are overfed than who live under poverty. Most People are getting access to healthcare than ever before.

The Key To Happiness

If happiness is based on pleasurable feelings, then increasing our happiness is a matter of increasing our bio chemicals. When we can alter them our moods can be changed.
Buddhism has closely studied happiness for many years. According to Buddhism, Happiness and sorrow are our own responsibility  and completely within our control. “If we train our mind properly, Happiness will be the result.”


The next part of human history will be the evolution of consciousness and human identity and due to these changes the term “Human” will have an entirely different context.
In the past 1000s of years we have crossed all barriers of nature, reached at the very top of the food chain, having leaps in genetic and scientific areas.
Yet do we know what we really want? Why are we so unhappy then?

sapiens summary

We have become godlike. Yet we don’t know what we want and is there anything more dangerous than dissatisfied and irresponsible gods who don’t know what they want?

Buy the book Sapiens here- Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Ancient Dragonman Ancient species Dragonman Discovery of Dragonman Dragonman Dragonman species top What is Dragonman?

The Discovery Of Dragon Man


 The Origin of Dragon Man

This specimen is nicknamed as “Dragon Man” and is said to be a part of Human groups that lived in East Asia atleast 146,000 years ago.

When did the first humans evolve?

The first humans evolved around 7 million years ago. Most of them were least similar to us .

What was the first species of humans ?

The first species of humans were Homo Habilis . They were the least similar to us Homo Sapiens, Homo Habilis also had ape like figures and had long arms.

And now the discovery of Dragon Man has lead to an another mysterious path.

Is Dragon man our ancient relative?

Chinese researchers claim that Dragon Man is our closes evolutionary relative among the ancient human species we know such as homo erectus , Neanderthals etc.

The researchers also claim that Dragon Man is more related to us homo sapiens than Neanderthals.

The origin of the Name Dragon Man

The official name given for Dragon Man is “Homo Longo” which derives from the word “Long” which means dragon.Hence the name “Dragon Man”

What we know about Dragon Man?

The skull size of the Dragon Man is far larger than us Homo sapiens.Yet the size of the Brain of the Dragon Man is similar to us.

The Story Behind the discovery of The Dragon Man

The skull of the Dragon Man was discovered in 1933 by a Chinese worker in Heilongjiang Province and he hid it for 80 years in the bottom of his family’s well.

Before he died,He told the family about the mysterious skull and scientists soon got to know about the Dragon Man.

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Other speculations about Dragon Man.

Some researchers speculate that Dragon Man is not a part of us Homo sapiens but rather a part of Denisovans,While others claim it is our long lost ancestor.

One thing which can be sure about Dragon Man is it has opened a Pandora Box.

Only time will reveal who Dragon Man is!

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Israel and Palestine issue has been racking up on the news for several weeks now. One of the common terms trending is “The IRON DOME”.

Since its setup in 2011,It is said that more than 2400 rockets hurled towards Israel has been successfully intercepted.

Even During this present conflict almost 200 rockets fired by Hamas has been successfully destroyed by the Iron Dome.(as of May 2021).

So what is an Iron Dome and How does it work?.

                         THE IRON DOME –  By Israel Defense Forces and Nehemiya Gershuni-Aylho נחמיה גרשוני-איילהו 

In simple terms, An Iron Dome is a mobile all-weather Air-Defense system designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and also artillery shells fired from distances between  4 kilometers and 70 kilometers , and to intercept the rockets fired whose trajectory would take them to Israeli populated area’s.

In this Current war-like situation between Israel and Palestine, The Iron Dome has been a lifesaver for many.

Before looking on about the Iron Dome, One piece of information everyone must know is the simple difference between a rocket and a missile.

Which one of the above image  is a rocket and which one is a missile?

The left part of the image shows the missiles and the right part the rockets fired towards the city.

The rockets move in a uniform path, That’s what rockets are meant to do, But the missiles sent by the Iron Dome changes it’s path in a suitable fashion to precisely reach near the rockets in order to explode an destroy them, Hence the weird path movement of the Iron Dome Missiles.

Cost Of Iron Domes

The Cost of Each of the battery is 50 million dollars and the cost per missile is 40,000 dollars. Currently there are 10 batteries deployed.

                                               By IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Working of an Iron Dome

The Iron Dome Contains 3 Main Components-

1). Radar Unit-

The Radar unit is an important part of the Iron Dome.  The role of Radar Unit’s is to detect Information on the Trajectory of the rockets fired by the enemy and also calculate the speed of the rocket fired.

2).Control Centre-

The information received from the radar unit is sent to the control center and the control center assesses the information received and detect whether such rocket fired would hit a densely populated area or an open unhabituated area .If the rocket fired is intended to land on an open unhabituated  area, The Iron Dome ignores such rockets.


Each of the launcher contains 20 interceptor missiles.

Each of the missile fired gets constant information from the internal radar units and the control center and directs its path according to the direction in which the rocket is fired and such missiles destroys the rocket by exploding near it.

The interceptor missile tries to destroy the rocket far above the ground because farther the grounder less damage would be done to the densely populated cities below.

The Iron Dome has been a literal life saver for Israel.

What do you think about the Iron Dome?. Comment Below!

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