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Why do we always think negatively

Why are we mostly negative minded? why do we find and take all things (well not all, most of the things) in a negative light (or shaded of negativity)?

Time to blame our ancestors.

Imagine two monkeys. One is a totally negative minded one who is always anxious about the tigers lurking behind the bushes which could any time jump over him and eat him. While the other monkey is positive minded, Usually walking down the bushes without any fear.

Which of them would survive? Well, It’s the negative minded one which usually thrives, Unless the positive minded monkey is absolutely lucky or the tiger doesn’t pounce on it because the tiger is a vegan.(I’m yet to see a vegetarian Tiger, so not that case)

In another scenario, the positive-thinking monkey often approaches new fruits without hesitation, assuming they are safe to eat. However, this optimism can sometimes lead to consuming poisonous fruits, endangering its survival. On the other hand, the negative-thinking monkey approaches new fruits with caution, doubting their safety until proven otherwise.

This is the reason why we humans are inherently negative.

According to me positive emotions is not something that comes naturally to humans. Being negative is in our blood.The more negative we are the more we would survive in the jungle.

While being positive makes us feel better, It is equally important to know that negativity too is something we must embrace and acknowledge it is something which comes more naturally to us than positive emotions.

However, it is also important to recognize that the world we live in today is significantly different from the environments our ancestors navigated. While the negativity bias may have been advantageous in the past, it can,in excess be harmful to us mentally (which obviously ends with physical problems),But maybe if we try hard to strike a balance we can probably well strike a balance.

or at least learn some lessons in the process.


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