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How To Start A History Blog? or In a Broad sense How to Start a Blog?

This Blog Post is more than enough to kick start your wonderful new blog website (of any niche) and start drawing money and Traffic!

 (psst!-If you are going to start a history Blog, I have some additional tips below which you can use!)

In this Blog Post we will cover the following points-

1.Why Should You Start A Blog in 2021?

2.Where to Start a Blog?

3.Selecting The Blogging Platform.

4.Selecting The Niche

5.Setting up and Designing the Blog

6.Monetizing the Blog

7.Getting Traffic to the Blog

8.Starting a Newsletter

9.Bonus Tip For Wannabe History Bloggers!

2020 has been a tumultuous year for all of us especially due to the pandemic. But this also opened up a large amount of creativity among people amidst the lockdown. I too started this History Blog four months ago when I thought I would die from boredom.

Maybe it’s time you too start a History Blog or Blog of any Niche!

1.Why should You start a Blog?

Well Because its fun to have something you own. Having your own website and sharing information in it is so fun and even an enriching experience.

Plus you can learn a lot as you need to research a bit or read a bit  to make a blog post which is informative and readable.

And as Jordan B Peterson said, If you can think and write efficiently you become deadly. The information you write will be stuck into your mind than when you simply read a stuff.

For example when I read the Book sapiens 2 times, I could recollect some of the elements but not all. But when I wrote a blog post here, I could almost instantaneously recollect all the vital points in the book.

So writing is an underrated skill!

Plus you can make money out of your blog by either monetizing it with ad networks or by affiliate marketing!

So there is a plenty of reasons why you should start a History blog or blog of any niche in 2022!

Ok I am convinced about starting a Blog, But from where do I start a Blog?. Read on!

2.Where to Start a Blog?

You can simply use or to start a website from scratch in less than 5 minutes!.

So in points here are some things which you should remember/do-

3.Selecting The Blogging Platform. 

I personally use Blogger. But if you are really serious you should start with than with

37% of the websites in the world is powered by WordPress, That’s how widely popular it is. By the way if you are not much serious you can always start with blogger as it is easy to use. Plus whenever you feel to use blogging seriously you can transfer your site to WordPress.

After you get used to them I would recommend you to host a custom domain. Hosting is relatively cheap as much as a latte coffee you buy occasionally.

For example, This History Blog was first started on blogger as and later I purchased a GoDaddy domain and changed it to

Hosting Services for custom domains which are Cheap-




By the way remember to choose a .com domain name over .org , .tech etc. as .com is still the most famous domain name out there.

4.Selecting The Niche

Almost 2 years ago I started having an interest in WW2 and its history and Soon I found myself watching a lot of movies on it and started writing answers about it on a Q and A platform called Quora.

After a while I started getting interested more about history especially after reading the book SAPIENS and soon it originated into a blog which you are reading right now.

Similarly, You too would have some kind if an interest. Maybe finance?. Maybe reading books? Maybe about technology? Maybe about History just like me? 

Think deep on anything which you feel you know a bit more than an average person around you.

Yes.That’s Your Niche!


Don’t ever start a blog without deciding a Niche. If you think you are simply going to write stuff on whatever topics you feel writing on your blog, It would be havoc.

So decide the niche before even thinking about starting a blog.


5.Setting up and Designing the Blog-


Use this site for best free blogger templates. Download your favorite template file you picked and extract it and upload it in case of blogger

In case of WordPress there are enough cool templates on the site itself.

Points to Remember while setting up the Blog-

-Have a catchy heading for your blog

-Always research before writing a blog post

-While you need not focus on the SEO and Keyword research at first, Gradually try to learn more on them.

-Keep the Blog post so simple that even a 7 year old can understand it.

-Write consistently whether its once a week or once in 3 days.

-Don’t forget

+An About page

+A Privacy Policy Page.

6.Monetizing the Blog


Apply for Adsense directly on the earnings tab in case of Blogger. Adsense is the foremost way to monetize the blog. They are from google and hence trustable too.

Adsense could take some time to be approved, So if u need a quick scheme to monetize you can choose and of the following-


Adsterra provides an almost instant approval provided that you blog has some content in it and the payout is as low as 5 dollars. So Adsterra is a good way to start monetizing the blog!

2.Propeller Ads 

is a large ad network that offers a range of adverts like banners, sponsored links, push notifications, and allows you to reach 1 billion users.


Instant Approval .This system uses popups as ads. So if you are okay with it go for them as they pay good if u have some decent amount of vistor’s to your blog.

(There are also other AD Networks which you can add Ads.I used the above three personally in this blog,Hence I only mentioned them.)

7.Getting Traffic to the Blog

My Blog has touched 70000 visits which I drive from various social media networks. 

Here are some ways you can drive traffic to your blog-


Quora is a Q and A platform. Write Quality answers on your Quora platform and attach the links to your website accordingly to the answers.If your answer is really good and the algorithm loves it it will spread like a wildfire and people will start clicking on your blog links.


Start a Quora Space. It is more like a blog on Quora. Start a Quora space with your blog name. And Quora is an established website, Your space can feature on Google search results and also give your a good amount of traffic to your site.


Start a Reddit account. Engage with the community and join them too. For example if your blog is of the niche technology, Join subreddits like r/technology.

But don’t spam.

Be an active participant and actually provide value to the community, They will always support back where you will get a lot of people in visits.


Start a Facebook page about your blog and start posting your contents in it, Also you can promote the page very cheaply and hence getting god traffic at a low price!.


Post some of your interesting blog posts as threads on twitter and start building an audience. Twitter is pretty cool way to get traffic.


Medium is similar to Quora but more like a blog. In here you can post your blog contents and Medium having a high authority score will enable that your blog reach at the top in Google search.

6.Telegram channel

Most don’t do this actually. But it works!.There aren’t really much good niched telegram channel.

For example there aren’t much history niche telegram channels. So I started one called you know Lost on History and I share all my articles there.

It has almost 230 plus subscribers over there.(Not much,But they are sure visitors to my site).Plus it’s free to start a channel. So start one for your blog!

8.Starting a Newsletter

Starting a newsletter with important contents in the form of daily or weekly mails can help create a bond with the readers and the will always stick around your blog and be regular visitors.

You can collect mails by embedding a sign-up form in your blog by using mailing services like MailChimp.

9.Bonus Tips For Wannabe History Bloggers!

Starting a History Blog is really a fun way to learn and earn money. By the way remember that there aren’t much history blogs compared to tech and health niches.

Plus if you are a regular reader and felt history to be interesting, It is always good to have a blog. 

How To Find Topics For Your History Blog?

Read a lot. Find topics which you feel isn’t properly written as a Blogspost in the internet. It should be interesting such as Similarities between Gandhi and Hitler, About the 14 different Ancient Human Species ..Or it can be a summary post of the history book you have recently read!. There is a wide scope for a history blog!


Starting a Blog is the best way to Learn and Earn as said Above.Even if it doesn’t fly off well enough as intended, It can stimulate you intellectually.

And Who knows, Maybe your blog could give you your next breakthrough and change your life?

It Most Probably Could!


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