Josef Mengele, most (in)famously known as the Angel Of Death.

Disturbing Content Ahead. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Josef Mengele used the Auschwitz camp for his medical experiments and Auschwitz was fairly a good place for him, considering its location and railways which had a stop there from all directions of Europe.

The scariest part was that he loved this job more than anything else.

On the first day of his visit, He sent 1035 Gypsies directly to the Gas Chambers. He also saw the new arrivals at the camp and almost 80 percent of them were killed immediately after their arrival.

“Selection” of Hungarian Jews on the ramp at Birkenau , May/June 1944.

On Important Jewish Days he would send 1000’s of Jews to be gasses just to satisfy his sadistic pleasure. All children below the age of 14 as well as the old were killed instantly under the demand of Mengele.

He was reported to have said the following words- “Here the Jews enter through the doors and leave trough the chimneys”

He also had the passion for scientific research and loved to do experiments on the prisoners of Auschwitz. He ordered his guards to find people who were midgets, deformed, lame etc.

However the most prized objects he considered were twins (especially if they were children).From his earliest days in his institution he had an obsession for twins. He believed that by studying twins he could discover the secrets to genetic manipulations.

It is said that he would often stand near the railways to lookout for twins among the new arrivals to the camps. At his time in Auschwitz he managed to find almost 1500 pairs of twins that were used for experiments, Out of this 1500 pairs, Only a 100 Pairs survived.

The newly arrived twins would be marched to the living quarters at Birkenau about 2 miles from the camp. There they lived in a very gruesome and horrendous conditions surrounded by starving people and rotting corpses.

After a while the were made to answer some questions regarding their name ethnic background as well as any health problems. These children then would be personally interviewed by Mengele himself would often take notes on what they had to say and he also kept a unique file for each of the children.

For the experimentation the children were bathed and dressed properly in pajamas and then taken to one of Mengele’s research laboratories. Here basic tests such as x-rays were taken (At this stage he made sure no child was mistreated and often was given sweets and talked reassuringly. This was done to gain the trust of the Children.

Image-Jewish twins kept alive in Auschwitz for use in Mengele’s medical experiments. The Red Army liberated these children in January 1945.

In other labs, experiments were taking place and no anesthesia was even given to the children. The pain inflicted on them were unimaginable (some experiments included removal of limbs, injecting dyes to the eyes, sterilization of girls and castration of boys without anesthesia.)

One Victim Quoted-“Mengele once supervised an operation where two gypsy twins were sewn together to make Siamese twins. Their hands became badly infected where the veins had been resected.”

Another surviving teen said-

“In another experiment pair of them and more than 100 other twins were given injections of bacteria that cause Noma disease – an infection of the mouth or genitals, which causes boils and often turns gangrenous. Some twins became feverish, and some died.”

Image-Child prisoners at Auschwitz, photographed on the orders of Josef Mengele

He also conducted the cruel endurance test. In this the child would be subjected to high voltage electricity until they passed out unconscious went into comma or died.

As soon as one of the twins dies, the other twin would be immediately killed in order to provide comparative data for study.

Pregnant ladies were often gassed in the chambers, On some occasions he personally delivered the babies only later to send them- both mother and child to be gassed.

On some occasions he would deliver the baby and tape the mothers breasts so that she couldn’t feed her baby and would helplessly cry while her baby slowly died of starvation.

Image-The photos on the left and in the centre show Mengele in 1938, the picture on the right was taken in 1956.

Just when you think how can a human go to more extreme cruelty, Mengele created more depressing and cruel method to kill children. Mengele once dug a pit at Birkenau and lit a fire and made 300 children (all under the age of 5) to be thrown into the pit.

What’s more scary is that unlike other Nazi’s, He did not drug himself using alcohol or any other substances to perform such horrendous crimes. He was conscious while performing such inhumane acts. (He was reported to be enthusiastic to afflict these cruel deeds.)

There is no scientific explanation for any of this horrendous crimes he did in the name of Science. Some doctors who assisted Mengele with these experiments later recalled that he did this out of pure sadism.

The most depressing part I feel is that he got to live out his life in peace in Brazil. Mengele is (in my opinion),The most cruel of all the Nazi’s and he literally got the easiest way out at the end and lived a good life in his terms.

Even if he was caught what would be the punishment which could be given to him that can be compared to all the horrendous crimes he did?

The Angel of Death, Josef Mengele.

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